Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Furry Friday!!!

Gracie has the right idea. But I guess I should go to work.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today is the last day of school for my kiddos.

So today I am thankful for SUMMER VACATION!! (Ask me in about 2 weeks and I'll be ready to be thankful for school again.)

This is the last summer before all 3 of my kids will be in school. Where did the time go?

Take some time today and every day to be thankful, it might help to slow things down . . . even if only for a moment.

[will update this later with pictures]

Friday, May 22, 2009

Furry Friday

I think, because I've been attempting to do Thankful Thursdays each week, that I need to do a FURRY FRIDAY.

Each Friday, I will try and post a picture or two of the Furry Things that have taken over our house.

At present, if we add one more furry - we'll have twice as many furries than we have humans.

Our latest addition?


Murphy is SO happy.

(And I think the cats are too. Thank goodness the DOG is going to leave US alone!!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I had to go to the doctor for a consultation on a procedure I have to have next week. It isn't a big deal as I've had this procedure before. While I was waiting, I had some time to think about what I am thankful for.

  • I am thankful that we have doctors who are able to make us feel better, when years ago most things were not possible, and many unthinkable.
  • I am thankful for those people who were called to go into the "healing" profession of medicine and are there because they want to help people feel better.
  • I am thankful for those friends who have had medical scares this past month and are finding new reasons to be thankful every day as God answers prayers.
The one specific thing I want to talk about this week, doesn't have a lot to do with medicine - but I thought of it in the doctor's office, so it counts.

While I was sitting in the waiting room - there was a couple who obviously got to the office early. I assumed it was a husband and wife. They sat there and discussed their lives (not at all quietly), not caring who heard anything and everything about them.

At first, I was a bit annoyed. Didn't they see that the waiting room was full of people who didn't really want to know the inner workings of their everyday lives? But after a few minutes, I had a change of heart. These were obviously very caring people who had been together a very long time. Maybe their lives were busy and this was the one time they had together to catch up. It brought to mind my own grandparents and a time that was much simpler.

Maybe when my grandparents were young, they didn't have as many medical breakthroughs and people had to deal with a lot more pain . . . but everyone knew everyone. And if you were in a waiting room - you didn't have to explain your lives, because everyone pretty much already knew. The doctor knew your name, your husband's name and profession, and probably delivered each of your children. Back then, people trusted people with the 'guts' of their lives.

Some people might say that people were nosier and we had less privacy (party lines, anyone?), but that is not true. (What is FaceBook but legal stalking, anyway?)

Honestly, even when I was little, I remember that we couldn't go anywhere without running into someone that we knew - and it was always nice. It was nice to have people who cared about you and wanted to know how you were doing. I miss that.

As I was thinking about my grandparents, the nurse came out and asked for "Virgil". I was physically startled, as that was my Grandpa's name. A nice older man stood up and went through the door with her, chatting all the way about how he was doing "okay" and laughing, although it was quite obvious he was not "okay".

I had to hold back melancholic tears as I took a minute to miss my eccentric Grandpa. My Grandpa, who went to just about every local funeral, because he had lived in our county so long that he pretty much knew everyone. Some people might think it is morbid that someone would like to go to a funeral home - but this was where Grandpa got to catch up with his friends, hear about people's families, and remember. Remember the 'good ole' days'.

There are a lot of people who never got to know their grandparents, and I know I am lucky that I got to have most of mine for as long as I did.

So today, you might laugh, but I am thankful for FaceBook and other social networking sites. In a weird way - they allow us to go back to the 'good ole days' in a virtual way. We can still be nosy and not have to peer over the fence to do it. It allows us to connect and talk to people without having to travel to our childhood grocery store. It allows us a feeling of community that so many people have forgotten about.

And most of all, I'm thankful for my grandparents and the legacy of love and caring for people that they left behind.

What are you thankful for?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Doubly Good

Today is a "doubly good" day for me.

May 10, 2009.

For all mothers, today is Mother's Day.
But for me, this day is so much more . . .

(Mother's Day, 2009, even Murphy got in the picture!)

Let me take you back a few years.

August 4, 2001.

Two people pledged their lives before God, their families, and friends
to love, honor and cherish each other, no matter what.

We knew in the beginning that having a family (beyond the furry children)
would be a challenge.

But we were up for the task.

In 2003, Hunkahubby and I started discussing our options for having a family.

After much prayer and discussion, we decided to become foster parents in our county, in hopes of giving a home to children. We wanted to adopt, but knew we would wait on God.

During this time, I got to go to Costa Rica for a Spanish trip.
Our caseworker said we could start our parenting classes when I returned from my trip.
While I was there, I was drawn to the Hispanic children in a major way.
I knew that somehow, these children would be a part of our lives.

While I was gone, my wonderful Hunkahubby moved us into our new house.
A house that had room for the hope of a family.

He even decorated a child's room.

This is what I got to see when I got home from my trip.
I remember sitting in that room at night, crying and praying.
I wanted to be a Mommy so bad, but I knew God was in total control of the situation.

I was not worried . . . only anxious.

And then, we found out that there was a "family" for us. Not just a "child" but a family. Three beautiful children in need of a loving home, together. And they were of Hispanic heritage.

Yes, God was in this.
This is the very first picture we had of our babies. Hunkahubby and I kept this with us through all of our parenting classes. Knowing it was possible that we would not get to be their family, but praying the entire time that God would allow them to come to us.

My how the time has flown. And boy, was our God faithful.

This sad and lost little girl . . .

. . . is growing, way too fast, into a beautiful young lady.

This quiet little boy . . .

. . . has a zest for life and a heart of gold (and is not so quiet anymore.)

And this chubby cheeked little angel, with an ornery spark in her eyes . . .

. . . is still ornery, and a ray of sunshine in our lives every day.

You see, today is a doubly good day for me,

because May 10, 2005 - we became a family.

On this day, four years ago, I was OFFICIALLY a Mommy and these beautiful
blessings were officially a part of OUR FAMILY.

So, on this day - I thank God for allowing me to be a Mother and allowing us to celebrate the wonder of families that HE puts together.

Only God can take two broken adults and help them find wholeness through Him, in the love He gave them for each other. And only God can then take three lost, lonely, and neglected children and give the five of them more love than any of them ever thought was possible.

And because of that:

I will thank the Father for the things that He has done
And thank Him for the things He's yet to do

Because we found a love that's tender, and we found someone who's true

We thank the Lord,

He's been doubly good to us . . .

(Words paraphrased from "Doubly Good to You"
- written by Rich Mullins and sang by Amy Grant)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Do you like Chinese food?

Our family loves Chinese food. And sushi.

This is probably my favorite restaurant right now.

But why should we be the only ones who are allowed to enjoy this?
Shouldn't our pets be allowed to enjoy Pan-Asian fare?
Now they can!

Check out these cool cat treats!

And because we are equal-opportunity pet-lovers . . .

Check out these cool sushi treats for dogs!

Do you think they will like them?