Sunday, August 5, 2007

One of those Mom moments

Today, I had one of those special Mom moments - that I have to blog about so I can come back and remember it later.

My youngest daughter is going to be 4 tomorrow. My baby is growing up. Every birthday (except mine) in our house, I make a birthday cake by request for the birthday boy or girl. This year, she wanted a Mickey Mouse cake. I already had a Mickey Mouse shaped cake pan - but had never attempted to decorate a cake like this. I figured why not . . .

Well - the first thing that happened was when I flipped the pan over - Mickey was missing an ear. That was easily fixable, so I didn't get too frustrated. Then - I could not find the right color icing for his face. Hunkahubby went to 2 stores and then we had to improvise. And then - the pre-made icing from the store was REALLY stiff and wouldn't come out the way it was supposed to. (Next time, I'm making MY OWN icing - because I think it will be less of a hassle.) At the end - I tried to make the icing thinner and it got too runny . . . so Mickey's shoes were kind of Dali-esque. :-)

By the time I was done - (it took me about 4 hours) I was tired and cranky and my back hurt from leaning over the table. Then my daughter came to the kitchen to look at the cake. The look on her face was priceless - and then she said (without any prompting at all), "My Mickey Cake! Thank you Mommy, It's BEAUTIFUL." Of course, I cried . . . all the frustration of making the cake went right out the window with that comment.

It's these moments that we "treasure in our heart." And I will probably have to use this memory to fall back on when she is a teenager and it doesn't feel as much like a blessing. :-)

Here's a pic of my Mickey Cake . . . I didn't think it was too bad for my first attempt.

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