Saturday, June 6, 2009

Furry Friday (a day late)

I thought I would include ALL of the Furries this week.

This is a complete roster of the Animal Planet that lives at our house.

Our newest additions - Murphy and Riley. Very much PUPPIES.

They LOVE to take rides.

Baby Willow who is probably almost a year now- is growing up

into a proud fat cat like her sisters.

Gracie is around 2 years old.

She is attempting to help me grade papers.

Max is Hunkahubby's kitty (or was, before the traitor got DOGS).

He is 3.

Max likes to get in our drawers . . .

The only furry who is absolutely without a doubt, MINE. My big boy Rufus.

He was my 30th birthday present, which means he will be 4 this year

(and yes, I just confessed my age.)

The beautiful white/calico kitty is Cali.

We got her from our friend who had an overabundance of kitty cats

(seriously, a TON). She is about 6, I think.

Rufus and Cali have a love/hate relationship.

This beauty is Britney. She was Hunkahubby's kitty before we met.

He found her in a snowstorm. She was tiny. She is definitely not tiny now.

She is about 12 years old.

And this ornery thing is Lily, the office cat who comes home with me

on long weekends and vacations. She is a people cat, NOT a cat cat.

I have no idea how old she is.

So there you have the furry side of our family. Go ahead, you can say it. We're NUTS!

But if you ever need animal therapy . . . come to our house! :-)

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