Sunday, October 14, 2007

I love the Fall!!!

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I LOVE IT. Here in Indiana, the leaves change to beautiful colors, the weather is mild - just right for sweatshirts and jeans . . . and everyone is getting ready for the holiday season. Football, hay rides, bonfires . . . it all makes me feel like reminiscing . . . but unfortunately - I have too much homework to be able to reminisce in my blog this evening. :-(

I will, however, post the first sign of fall at our house - courtesy of the entire Hofmann family . . .

This was so much fun - and our first time carving pumpkins together (of course, I did most of the "gut digging" and Daddy did most of the carving) - but the kids were pretty messy and happy when we were done.

We have all been sick this week, so it was nice for us to feel good enough to have a little fun.

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful season as much as we are!!

P.S. - Please check out my Unka Steve's newest blog entry.

1 comment:

Tony and Rett said...

What great pumpkins and what a great blog!!!!!!!

I, too, love the fall and cannot wait to romp with our girls in the leaves!!!

I'm SO glad I'm able to keep up with you this way!!!