Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This post is long overdue . . .

Okay - I kept threatening to do this, and after Ruth made a crack about my first batch of fudge that didn't turn out too well - I decided it was time. Yes - it is once again time for the Embarrassing Photo of Ruth of the Day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We had another fun adventure with Jennifer a few weeks ago and Ruth had to go under the DRYER. Do you remember those old portable dryers? Well, if not -- here's an example.

Isn't Ruth beautiful? It was so loud she couldn't hear anything we were saying - so she started singing to herself. It was REALLY funny. We love you Ruth!!!

To be fair . . . I have to go on. Tonight our small group had a diaper shower for Jennifer who is due to have baby Addison at the beginning of January. Here is Jennifer unprepared for the camera (and hiding her baby belly with a gift bag!)

Ahhh, here's the baby belly.

Everyone is going to hate me tonight - here is most of the rest of the group.

My husband and Jodi dressed alike . . . not on purpose.

And here are Scott and Ron, pretending they don't like to have their picture taken.

I'd show you a picture of Don & Karen - but the only pic I got of Karen, she'd kill me for posting - and Don, our fearless leader, did not attend this evening. I'll post one of them the next time, when they are least expecting it. I also didn't get a very close shot of Christopher, Jennifer's husband . . . but maybe she'll let me borrow one of those old high school shots with his hair in ponytails. Ha ha.

Really - I just wanted to post pictures of these friends who I am so blessed to have. We have a great time together and I think it is amazing how God brought all of together.

I hope you all forgive me for these pictures. I love all of you lots and lots!!!

I'll leave you with one last picture of Santa Gracie.

Have a great evening!

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