Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I love our friends!!

Tonight was our small group Christmas get together. We had such a great time. I promised to put up pictures of Don, Karen, and Christopher - so that is what I will do.

We had a ton of snacky food (including way too much sugar, several of us love to bake.) We had devotion and prayer time - (Thanks, Don, YOU ROCK!) Then we had our "White Elephant" gift exchange. It wasn't as competitive as I thought it was going to be - but it was still fun.

The MOST WANTED gift was a singing/gobbling/walking Christmas Turkey.

Jennifer stole it and got to keep it. :-)

Here is a picture of Christopher (Jennifer's husband)

Here is Karen

And here is Don (Karen's hubby and our fearless "leader")

We had a great time and I know we are BLESSED that God brought this group of people together. We know that any of us would do whatever we could to help the others out. I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

And now a few more pictures . . .

Scott with Ronnie, Alex, and Baby Grace.

Baby Grace in full belly heaven.

Oh - and I forgot to mention that Ruth and Little Ronnie made me a birthday cake. This was a huge thing for me because Ruth DOES NOT like to cook, bake, etc. I was very touched that she took the time to do this for me. They put candles on the cake and sang to me and I was very appreciative. It was a wonderful thing to feel loved by such a great group of people.

Yes - tomorrow I will be 32 years old. And I'm okay with that.

Have a great evening everyone!!

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Ruth said...

I LOVE the picture of Gracie with food all over her face! Too cute. I love our friends also!