Monday, December 31, 2007

What's your New Year's Resolution?

I think my New Year's Resolution will be to actually try and KEEP my New Year's Resolutions. :-) Every year, we all get all hyped up in January about the new things we are going to do to better ourselves and by February we've all fallen back into the same old rut. I am really praying for 2008 to be different for me.

I accomplished a lot this year and due to some things finally being completed - I should be able to focus and actually complete some new things in 2008.

My New Year's Resolutions for 2008:
1. Update my blog every day (at the least, 2x per week). [gotta give myself an out]
2. Lose 50 pounds. For my health and my own well-being.
3. Exercise at least 3x per week. No excuses.
4. Find things to inspire me and then let the inspiration run wild.
5. Try out at least one new recipe per month.
6. Re-learn to sew. Yes, I'm turning into a happy homewrecker.
7. Teach an online class if possible.
8. Spend more time with my kids.
9. Have a date night at least once per month with my hubby.
10. Read more books. Especially my Bible.
11. Take more pictures - and learn how to do it correctly (I got a new camera.)
12. Sing more, yell less.
13. Keep my resolutions all year long . . .

Well, with that list, I'm bound to make it on a few of them, right??

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year.

What are your resolutions???

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Barry Pike said...

Happy New Years!

Now I need a nap. Your resolutions wore me out just reading them.