Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homemade Personal Pizzas - Cheap Family Fun!

A month or so ago (so I’m BEHIND!) we decided to make homemade pizzas. We bought the already made personal size crusts for the kids, and a healthy thin crust pizza for the parents. We let the kids decide what type of ingredients they should put on their pizzas (we were concerned, but it turned out better than we thought!)

Here are the children eagerly awaiting the pizza-making frenzy!

First we brushed olive oil on the crusts.

Then we gave them a scoop of pizza sauce and a spoon for spreading.

(My oldest wanted to use sour cream for her pizza sauce, mmmmm.)

Then we slowly gave them toppings to spread round on their pizzas. Cheese, baked potato,


bacon bits,
ham, pepperoni, more cheese,
and even more sour cream.

. . . and, uhh, more cheese.
Oh – and the boring adult pizza got a lot of healthy yummy things like tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, chicken, and light cheese. (It was NOT boring, it was YUMMMMY.)

Then we baked them and wasted no time in gobbling them up.

There were smiles all around – but we were too busy eating to take a picture of the enjoyment of pizzas made by our own hands.

This is a great activity to do with your family that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

The kids can’t wait to do this again!!


Tony and Rett said...

That DOES look like fun! We did pizza making a few weeks ago too and the girls loved the "little pizzas". When we went to the grocery last night Abby said, "I want anodder litte pizza, because it's little like me!" FUN!

Shoemaker Family said... did that sour cream turn out...looks interesting! :) Fun times!