Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Updates!

Yes, I update my FaceBook page daily, and my blog has been suffering. I will try and do better.

So here is our very busy April with a few words and pictures.

We visited the Children's Museum and the new Lego exhibit.
Here are my princesses and prince int he Lego castle.

The Children's Museum also has a temporary Star Wars: Clone Wars exhibit -
and we (geeks that we are) loved it!

My youngest got her picture taken with the kinda scary looking Wal-Mart Easter Bunny.
I had nightmares.

Our favorite cousin came down and helped us color Easter eggs.

The finished product!

My beautiful blessings before church on Easter Sunday.

The love of my life, worshiping with the kiddos at Club 252 on Easter.


And - unbelievably, this little girl - my best friend and cousin's daughter
turned TEN this month! TEN! I can't believe it.

She is growing into a beautiful young woman, and it makes me want to cry
at how fast the time has flown.

And Murphy? Yep. Murphy is still the cutest puppy ever.

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Wow.

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