Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forever blowing bubbles . . .

Don't have a heart attack. I'm posting two days in a row.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Indiana. We spent much of the day outside. Part of it . . . blowing bubbles.

Who doesn't love bubbles? Seriously. How can you not be happy when beautiful iridescent bubbles are flying all around you?

There are contests for the biggest bubble, the most bubbles, and the ever-elusive bubble within a bubble.

It is so much fun that even Daddies have to give it a try.

I love bubbles. And I love spring.

And it is the beauty of God's creation and my blessed family that get me through each day.

Even on a day like today.

My Grandma would have been 83 today.

And I'm guessing she enjoyed watching her great-grandkids blow bubbles just as much as I did.

And I bet they have some awesome bubbles in Heaven.

Happy Birthday Grandma.

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Tony and Rett said...


Beautiful bubbles.
Beautiful Grandma!