Sunday, April 13, 2008

Does your cat keep you awake?

Franny Syufy from About Cats has some tips on how to save yourself from sleep deprivation caused by your cat.

Check out the article here.

I use several of her tips - but I also know some of them do NOT work with our cats. I tried shutting the door on them, they will scratch at the door for HOURS. They are nothing if not persistent. I do have a 'sound machine' and I've gotten pretty good at putting a pillow over my head at 5:00 in the morning.

However, I have had to utilize 2 things not mentioned . . . a spray water bottle kept by the bed . . . and a cat crate in the walk-in closet for the kitty that refuses to go to bed when everyone else does. :-)

What do you do to keep yourself from pet-causing sleep deprivation?

(Funny kid story IS coming soon . . . I promise . . .)

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