Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today would have been my Grandma's 82nd birthday. I have been thinking of her a lot this week and missing her as always. Around 8 years ago, I heard a song by Susie Luchsinger (Reba McEntire's sister) called "I saw Him in your eyes." This is another one of those songs that I feel like I could've written about my Grandma . . .

That rusty yellow school bus came to pick us up each day
Took my sister off to school and dropped me at your house to play

I'd see you wavin' from the porch down that ol' dusty drive
And I'd run as fast as I could to your side

You taught me how to garden and you let me help you cook

That gentle smile was always there and on your face that special look

And you told me about Jesus how he lived inside of you

You know I never doubted what you said was true

Cause I saw Him in your eyes

In your love and in your laughter it was Him I recognized

I didn't know it then but now I realize
That I saw Him in your eyes

While we cleaned up in the kitchen you'd be hummin' some old hymn

And then you'd open up your Bible and read to me about your Friend

But more than songs and stories it was what I saw in you

I watched the love of God as it came shining through

Yes I saw Him in your eyes...

Oh my prayer is that some day when my grandchildren look at me
They'll see that same reflection of Him and his perfection

The miracle in you that I could see

When I saw Him in your eyes...

Yes I saw Him in your eyes

That really is one of my greatest goals - to one day have my children and grandchildren say this very thing about me.

I love and miss you Grandma. Thank you for teaching me everything you did.

I have a question though . . . Do the angels make you birthday cakes up there? And are they completely calorie and fat free?? ;-)

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Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Oh.. this touched me. I miss my grandparents too. I always wish I could have known them better.