Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Vacation Experiment . . .

So, yesterday something happened that made me want to stay away from FaceBook for a very long time.  No - my account didn't get hacked.  No - no one stole my identity.  No, I didn't get stalked.  But someone took offense to my perpetual positive attitude in attempt to be a good friend.  And it hurt me.  It hurt me a lot.

So - I decided to take a Facebook vacation.

And I didn't realize how hard it would be . . .

I heard a really great quote on the radio today that would have made a really great status update . . . but alas, I cannot post it.

I'd love to find out what my friends are up to - but alas, I cannot get on Facebook and find out.  I have to wait and see if they text or email (or heaven forbid, CALL) me and tell me what is up.

I can't even post a link to THIS POST on my Facebook page so that people will actually know I updated my long neglected blog.

When did Facebook become such a major part of our lives?

So - over the course of this 'vacation' and I'm not putting a time limit on it - because I don't know how long I can handle this . . . I'm going to try and determine the good things about Facebook and the bad things - and see if I can use Facebook in moderation for the good and stay away from the bad.

We will see.

Wish me luck . . .

And feel free to let people know I'm updating my blog . . . since I CAN'T!  ;-)

1 comment:

Chris and Sarah said...

You totally have me laughing out loud.

Since your not on Facebook you didn't see that my dog just scored then so hopefully we are having puppies in Nov!!!

You won't last long because I tried it once and it's too hard to stay away.