Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My son, the Grandpa

We always call my son "Grandpa" or "Grandma" (depending on how ornery we are being) because he is often SO SLOW. He eats SO SLOW (unless it is chocolate). And if there is a TV on anywhere, you can just forget getting him to pay attention to YOU! But now, since he has NO TEETH - we've really taken to calling him Grandpa . . . but wait until you see the newest reason . . .

This weekend, I took my Dad and SuperStepMom to lunch for their 'make-up' Mothers/Fathers Day lunch. While we were at their house, I asked my Dad if he could give my son the 'summer buzz cut.' I know - many of you are probably cringing. Any guy probably remembers those cuts from his own childhood (and HATED them.) Well the fact is, my son has really fine hair and a huge problem with his hair sticking up in the back. I thought it might help to buzz it all off for the summer (plus - I just wanted he and Grandpa to have a 'memory moment.' :-)

It was so fun to watch and my son giggled the entire time.

Wanna watch with me??

Here he is BEFORE.

(This is where I started to panic . . . what if his head is shaped funny? What if he hates it?)

Awww. He has a cute little head.

And here is where Grandpa got out the vacuum cleaner to sweep the extra hair off his neck . . . oh boy did the giggles happen then!!!

And here we have my 'bald' son. I hope his head doesn't burn!!!

And now I need to do a re-take of this picture - so they'll REALLY look alike!!

Happy Tuesday!!


Barry Pike said...

Hey...I have that same haircut!

Memaw's memories said...

How cute is that. We had to buzz my grandson's hair because he threw such fits when we tried to cut it.

Now at 11, he's wanting it to have some length, so his mom has been letting it grow a little bit.

Tony and Rett said...

He is TOO cute!

Sometimes I wish I could shave my girls' heads too!!!!