Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Road to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

So - we bought Guitar Hero (The Aerosmith Edition).

So, I love it.

So, my arm hurts.

So . . . I DON'T CARE. It is a lot of fun! I've always wanted to play guitar, but my fingers are short and stubby and even though I knew the chords, they only came out as an annoying plunk. So with this game, I can live my dream in some small way. :-)

I now want to buy Rock Band for the Wii for the family for Christmas, but I'm hoping they'll come out with a Disney Edition so the kids will actually know the songs.

And I think my friend Barry and my Uncle Steve need to play Guitar Hero. I would love to put THAT on YouTube. :-)

Happy Wednesday! (I'm off for 4 whole days! WOOHOO!!!)

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Kevin said...


(those are the metal horns, in case you can't tell...)

I love Guitar Hero too! Rock Band is also a lot of fun (even though it confirmed my fears that, no, indeed I cannot sing). The guitar playing is more fun in Guitar Hero, but of course Rock Band provides the whole experience with singing and drums and is more fun for multiplayer. Plus, almost your whole family can play at once.

I don't like the song selection in Rock Band quite as well as the Guitar Hero games, particularly GH III which has some awesome tunes. However, Rock Band has a huge selection of downloadable content (but I don't think that is available on the Wii) and probably is oriented a little less toward hard rock songs, so it is a little easier and might be a little more family-friendly in that regard.

Anyway, both are a blast. Sorry for the long post. You maybe can tell that I like these games ...

Keep on rockin'!