Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sleepy Kitty

Willow has definitely won over the cats in the house. She is rambunctious and playful and they had no choice. One of my favorite things about having cats is when they buddy up to each other and sleep together. I just think its so sweet when they trust each other enough to do that.

With every other cat we've ever brought into the house, it has taken at least a week for the older cats to warm up to the new kitten. Well - it hasn't even been a week . . .

And look at this (forgive me, these pictures were taken with my camera phone). . .

Here is our oldest cat, Britney. She is usually the crankiest about adding new kitties to the house. She doesn't seem to mind this one.

And this picture just melts my heart . . .

Our second oldest cat, Cali is also usually pretty grumpy about new kitties. NOT THIS ONE!

Isn't that just the cutest thing?

And why is it that my other cats now look HUGE? :-)

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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