Sunday, July 8, 2007


Today I took my Dad and SuperStepMOM out to dinner. I was overdue for Mothers Day/Fathers Day. I sent cards for the actual days, but we had not had time to actually get together. So because he's on my mind, I'm going to write about my Daddy. Yes, I'm 31 years old and I still call him Daddy. I probably always will. If you've got a problem with it . . . well THPPPPP. :-)

I love my Dad. I have always been Daddy's little girl. We always just 'got' each other. When I was young, my Dad was very into Amateur Radio - so I learned Morse Code and studied and got my Amateur Radio License when I was 11 years old. He made sure that I knew how to do things like change a tire and drive a stick shift. He taught me how to laugh at myself and not let people push me around. I learned a lot from my Dad.

This 4th of July, we were sitting in the driveway with the kids watching fireworks all over the neighborhood. I remembered sitting on my front porch growing up and watching Dad shoot off fireworks. He always made everything fun. I remembered sitting in the garage watching thunderstorms and not being afraid, because he was there. I remembered when he used to drive into the middle of town and then have me tell him how to get home. (I never did get very good at that . . . we would drive around for an hour and he would finally have to tell me the right directions . . .) I remember knowing that he loved me and being secure in that.

I have to say, my Dad is not perfect. He made mistakes, as all parents do (I've already made my share of them!). However, there is one thing he has almost always done -- if he screwed up, he apologized. If he hurt my feelings, he tried to make it right. And he has always been honest with me. Dad and I used to have "debates" all the time. We would get on a topic where we didn't agree and we would discuss it and yell and scream and disagree, and at the end of the discussion, we were still friends. We didn't always end up agreeing - but we respected each other. I think that is important. In any relationship, you don't have to agree, but it is important that you respect the other person's opinion and be willing to listen to what they have to say. Without even knowing it, he was teaching me very important life lessons by being himself.

As I've grown up, I have realized how much Dad let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. He learned to let go of me little by little so I could start learning things on my own. I knew he was always there if I needed him, but he pushed me out of the nest so I could learn to fly. Now that I'm married and have a family of my own, he doesn't tell me how to live my life. Every now and then, he gives me little tidbits of advice, but he stays out of my 'business' unless I ask him for his opinion. Even though he says, "Why are you asking? You'll do what you want anyway." He doesn't know how much I appreciate what he thinks and what he has to say, even though I try to tell him.

Several years ago, I made a video for my Dad, as a way to express how much he meant to me. I took pictures and music he loved to tell the story of his life . . . and then I sang a song for him at the end. I'm going to put the words to that song here (I am unsure of the writer's name) as a tribute to my Daddy who I've learned so much from.

"I would ride on your shoulders
And look out on the world
Pretending I was big and tall like you
When you were there to hold me
I never was afraid
You made me feel there's nothing I can't do

If I'd spread my wings to fly
When I was very small
I knew that you'd be standing by
To catch me if I fall

You're my hero
Chasing the monsters from my room
Going on trips around the moon
The one who's always been there faithfully
You're my hero
And 'cause you're my Dad...
I'm twice as blessed and lucky to be me

As I kept on growing
We often disagreed
But you let me find myself in my own way
And it's funny, how just lately
I've come to recognize
How wise you are becoming every day

There's so much you've given me
I hope I've made you proud
You're everything a Dad should be
And it's time to tell you now

You're my hero
You didn't have to say a word
Your love was the message that I heard
Inspiring me to be all I can be
You're my hero
And 'cause you're my Dad...
I'm twice as blessed and lucky to be me"

Thanks Dad.

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