Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Hunkahubby!

Today is my wonderful husband's 45th birthday. I thought I would take the time to tell you a little bit about him. My husband is not like most other men. Sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky. Hunkahubby is a stay-at-home Daddy. He cooks, cleans, and works in the yard. He has made our house very beautiful and is constantly working to make the yard and the house more homey for all of us. He is an interior designer, he loves animals, and he LOOOOOVES Christmas. He is passionate and kind, funny and ornery, and one of the biggest blessings God has ever given me. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband.

He and I had a whirlwind romance. We met during a theatre production and fell in love before we had time to think about it. We met in March and were married in August. When we first met, he didn't really want to have children. He didn't have many fond memories of his own childhood, and I think he was afraid. However, after spending time with my family and my best friend's little girl - it was clear to me that this man was meant for fatherhood.

Two years after we got married, we started talking about having children and went through the process of becoming foster parents and adopted 3 beautiful children. I have never seen someone who loves his children as much as Hunkahubby loves these kids. He makes sure that they mind, and he teaches them "life responsibilities" (a nice way of saying CHORES) - but they think he hung the moon. I don't know that he even realizes how much these kids want him to be proud of them. They love their Daddy so, so much. And he LOVES being with them and spending time with them. He thinks of really creative ways to get them involved in things, to divert them from having 'kid fits', and just to let them have fun. Sometimes, he just amazes me.

Just recently - he has been teaching the kids to swim. They trust him so much that now he is able to throw our oldest in the deep end and she can swim to the top and over to the ladder. I was amazed. (I can't even do that!!!)

So today - I just want to thank God for my husband. He lets me be me. We can be silly together. We can be sad together. We can sing together. We can pray together. We have been through so much, and we have only grown stronger because of it . . . because we know Who to lean on . . . together.

So here is a poem I wrote for his birthday, to honor him, and to let him know how much he is loved.

There was a time
When I never thought
I would find someone who
Would understand me
For who I am

Love me
When I wasn’t sure who I was
Or who I wanted to be

And help me find a way
To become whoever
I wanted to be.

Then I met you . . .

I met you and my world changed
I felt beautiful

I felt like I could do anything
As long as you were right beside me

I felt blessed
Because I had your love

And I knew
That God had ordained you
To be my husband.

Isn’t it amazing
That Forty-Five years ago
God created you
To be the person you are
Knowing that thirteen years later
He would create me
To Love Only You.

I am so thankful
That you were born

That we made it through
Those lonely years
Scarred but not broken
Hurt but not unlovable
Hoping for something good
Something better
Something RIGHT

That we met
As if by chance
(yet we know better)

I thank God each day
For you, my husband
And I am especially thankful
Your birthday
That you were created
For me to love.

I LOVE YOU!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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Barry Pike said...

Hey, this is an awesome tribute. It sounds like you plan to keep him!

Happy Birthday, Robert!

Beth, I can't find your actual, real email address, so I'm answering you request for more info about the Cavalier's July 28 appearance here. It will be in the RCA dome, and all of the info is accessible here:

Blessings to you and the whole crew!