Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Cast of Characters

Up to this point, I have chosen not to post pictures of my children on this blog. Due to the circumstances of how we became a family, I wanted to ensure the safety of my kids and family.

Well, after a long conversation with Hunkahubby, and some tips from other bloggers and how they handle this sort of thing; I've finally determined that I can now include photos of my family on this blog!!! So - beware, I have a lot of catching up to do and thousands of pictures to do it with.

I will never use real names on this blog (well, except for the cats, and other people who have blogs of their own and use their own names) - and those of you who know me beyond cyberspace will know who we are anyway! If one of my readers accidentally uses someone's real name when they comment on my blog - I'll delete the comment, but I won't be mad atcha! :-)

So - for the first time on Not of this World I would like to introduce you to the cast of characters in the story of my life:

This is my husband and I, AKA Hunkahubby and IzzyBeth.

This is my brave and beautiful oldest daughter.

This is my middle child and one and only son.

This is my extremely strong-willed and ornery youngest daughter.

And even though I've talked about my cats before, I thought it was important that they were included again here in the cast of characters.

These are our oldest 2 cats, Britney and Cali.

Here we have Rufus (MY CAT) and Max (Hunkahubby's cat).

And the youngest kitty, Gracie who is also ornery and strong-willed. :-)

So there you have it . . . stay tuned for more of our adventures in FULL COLOR!


Shirley said...

I just read your post about your children. What a wonderful thing you and your husband are doing. You have my ultimate respect and admiration.

They are beautiful and all look very very happy.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Beth said...

Beautiful children. We discuss the idea of fostering when our three children are grown.