Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cat People

Well, since I still haven't found a way to make myself comfortable with posting pictures of my children on a public blog - I get to torture other people . . . and my cats.

My husband already had a cat, Britney, when we got married. Then as time went on, I kept convincing him we needed more. We now have 5 cats and 5 people in our house. We've tried dogs - several times, and one of these days, I'll tell you about that. We love all kinds of animals - but for now, we are solely cat people, and that is okay.

Since I got my new camera, that actually TAKES the picture when I push the button - I have been having a lot of fun trying to take pictures of the cats with funny looks on their faces (even going as far as dabbing food on their nose so they have to try and lick it off.)

So here is our little cat family . . .

This is Britney, whom Hunkahubby found as a tiny kitten in a snowstorm, several years before we were married. She isn't so tiny now . . .

Her nickname is MOOSE. But I did get a nice shot of her licking her chops yesterday . . .
Next we had a Kitty named Karma . . . but she is no longer with us. I promise to tell you her story one of these days. (If I hold to my resolution of posting every day - I'll be running out of stories!)

I've always loved Calico cats. And when my friend Kara, who lived on her parent's farm at the time, was overrun with cats - and ended up with a new Calico kittten . . . I offered to take her off of her hands. ;-) She was named California, but we have always called her Cali.Yes, she's a ball. Not so tiny anymore. We call her Mini MOO.

Next we have Rufus. My baby. You can read more about him here. He was my 30th birthday present, and I think he thinks I'm his Mommy. He's also part human - as every time I went to take his picture, he would pose very regally for me.
Then there is Max. Max is definitely my Hunkahubby's cat. I kept saying we NEEDED a new cat and where I worked had an online classified posting system. A lady who works there fosters cats until she can find them a home. She had posted an ADORABLE picture of a buff colored kitten . . . and when I showed it to Hunkahubby - he was SUNK. So we went to meet the kitty and ended up bringing him home. He has been Hunkahubby's shadow ever since. When he isn't here, and I am, I have to listen to this pitiful cat walking around the house making this mournful meowing sound. So - Max gets two pictures today as well . . . . because I'm doing what I said I would - and taking more pictures.

The picture on the left is Hunkahubby's view of Max - the picture on the right is Max's view of his Daddy. Hee hee, I love my new camera.

And finally - we have the bane of all the other cats' existences . . . Gracie. The youngest is always the most hated by others, isn't that right? Because I knew this was my LAST CAT for a long while - we had to make it a doozy.

When I was in high school - we had a cat named George. He was a long haired kitten, very playful and sweet. He almost died of distemper and I remember sitting up with him in my lap all night until Dad could take him to the vet the next day. He made it through but had a respiratory problem that made him sneezy for the rest of his life. My Dad adored this cat and even though he was "technically" an outdoor cat - Dad used to let him inside all the time.

I wanted a long-haired cat like George . . . and so Hunkahubby found Gracie for me. (Get it? George and Gracie??)
She is still a kitten, and VERY rambunctious - but the nights when she hops on our bed and buts up against my arm, purring to beat the band - she is SO forgiven for climbing the Christmas tree and scattering ornaments everywhere.

Seriously - how could you stay mad at this??? -->

So, there you have it folks - the reasons we are, at this point in life, solely cat people. The coming days will most surely have more entertaining stories and pictures of our five furry children.

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