Saturday, January 5, 2008

It has begun . . .

This afternoon, the phone rang. I answered it and almost told the person on the other end that they had the wrong number. Then I realized they were asking for my oldest daughter. She was so excited when I told her the phone was for her!

It was her friend from school who lives down the street. She was calling to ask if my daughter could spend the night. She was so excited about it - there is no way I could have said NO. However, I'm nervous because other than Ruth and family members, my daughter has never spent the night away from home in a strange house.

Halfway through the phone call, my daughter said in the sweetest voice to her friend, "thank you so much for asking me to come to your house." Of course, I cried. I think she will be just fine tonight.

Her Daddy and I looked at each other though and cringed -
because with that one phone call . . . .

It had begun . . .

Life (and phone bills) as we know it, will never be the same.

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