Thursday, January 24, 2008

I made bread!

Yes, me. The person who hardly ever set foot in the kitchen except to eat . . . up until this past year. Lately, I just get these urges - then I peruse the cookbook and find something to make.

Tonight - I made whole wheat bread with the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook recipe. (I'll link to it later.) And I made it FROM SCRATCH - there was no bread machine involved.

It wasn't difficult - just a little time consuming. And it actually tastes good!

When I took this picture - you could still see the steam rising from the bread. MMMMM.

So I'm here to tell you . . . if I can do it . . . anyone can do it.

Are you hungry now?

1 comment:

Barry Pike said...

Very impressive. Fresh, homemade bread is not easy to do and it is a wonderful thing.