Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Internet Tip of the Day: My Biggest Pet Peeve

If I receive one more forward having to do with:
I think I will scream.

Here is my internet tip of the day:

Before sending on a forward, please do everyone a favor and visit this site.

Snopes does a great job of researching urban legends, email forwards and lots of other things to try and find out the truth behind the story. If Snopes says it isn't true - PLEASE don't forward it.

Even if it came from your most trusted friend . . .
Even if the email says "I saw this on Good Morning America"
Even if you are afraid you'll have bad luck if you DON'T forward it or miss out on billions of dollars from Bill Gates . . .

please help us stop the pollution of all of our inboxes.

Do everyone on your contact list a favor and read, research, and DELETE.

That is all.


stephanie said...

I am one of those people. I am sooo sorry. Lorie sent it to me and she hardly ever sends me stuff. I will be sure to pass these tips on to her, and then delete every other email I receive like this. Again, I'm sorry.
Love ya,
your cuz

Barry Pike said...

I agree, except I skip the first two steps you recommended and head directly for "delete".

As someone who gets nearly 300 separate pieces of spam per day, I have developed a 6th sense for what to read and what to toss. And I forward maybe half-a-dozen emails per year...and they are carefully considered before doing so.

But hey, that's just me...and it's not for me to judge. So....I'll just forward your tips on to...


IzzyBeth said...

Stephanie - No problem. When I was new to email and the internet, I forwarded EVERYTHING. Until someone told me about Snopes.

Barry - LOL

Capri said...

I really liked that post and your info. I feel the same way, just can't stand chain letters! I don't get what the attraction is to people when they've been on the net long enough to no longer qualify as newbies. Why some of us learn and others don't is a bit of a mystery. Anyway, great post, I've linked to it.