Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daddy, Jesus, and Dinosaurs

My son got this cheap little toy voice recorder in his stocking at Christmas. You press record, talk into the device, and then play it back. It has little buttons where you can bend the pitch of the playback to make it sound like a monster, a chipmunk, or somewhere in between . . .

Tonight, while I was fixing supper - I hear him laugh hysterically and then come running down the stairs. He said, "Mommy, listen to this!" He hits play on the toy and a very high pitched version of my son's voice says, "Daddy, Jesus, and Dinosaurs". He cracks up laughing again.

I guess those are the 3 things most important to my middle child and only son . . . and I was too busy laughing to ponder the fact that I wasn't on that list.

And . . . while searching for an appropriate picture for this post - I found this. How funny. Interesting concept. Weird that I found it with what I searched for. (I Googled Daddy, Jesus, Dinosaurs.) Of course now I suppose my husband is going to use the "What Would Jesus Do?" argument to convince me he needs a motorcycle . . .

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