Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Man's best friend is not always a dog . . . sometimes it is a cat . . . who kind of acts like a dog.

This is my gorgeous husband and "his" gorgeous cat, Max. Max - who from the very beginning claimed my husband as his human and will accept no substitutes; who follows his human all around the house; who walks around meowing mournfully when his human is not at home (or even just outside); and who shies away from my attempts to pet him yet turns immediately to my husband's hands purring louder than the motor on the lawnmower.

Max is an interesting and cool cat.

His triangular head kind of resembled an alien's when he first came to live with us, but his extremely soft kitten fur hasn't gone away since he's grown into a cat. (Every now and then, I am given the privilege of petting him - but not often.)

He also has strange quirks, like being totally in love with a dog named Paul Anka (think Gilmore Girls).

Okay - so the dog is stuffed, but every time we put the dog on our bed, Max is there to give him a backrub.

And even though this cat likes my husband and even a stuffed dog better than he likes me, I can't help but enjoy watching him and the way he is so loyal to the human he has chosen as his own.

And how can your heart not melt when you see him sleeping?

Dog people - you may never understand . . . but I truly believe that in this case . . . the cat trumps the dog in being MY man's best friend. (Well, at least man's best furry friend . . . )

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