Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I write (and now why I blog) . . .

This is part of a journal entry from a creative writing class I took several years ago . . .

Why do I write? Because if I didn’t, I would probably go insane.

When I’m not writing, things are not right in the world of IzzyBeth. And even when I’m not physically putting things down on paper (or on the computer screen), I am constantly writing things in my head.

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself because I will come up with a brilliant idea while driving down the road, but by the time I get somewhere to do something about it, it has run away with the other thoughts crowding my brain.

I have so many things that I want to write about – but then I get caught up in the reasons why I really want to write it, and sometimes I chicken out and don’t go where my heart is leading me.

I write because it is born in me.

Writing has been passed down through generations in my family (along with TALKING and singing) and I learned to read and write very young.

I have always gone above and beyond whenever assigned something to write . . . and sometimes it gets me into trouble. I don't do it because I'm an overachiever . . .

I write because I really have no choice.

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