Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Day One of 2008

Starting the year off with a bang - I'm updating my blog. Yay.

Last night, our small group (minus Don & Karen) got together to play games and ring in the new year together.

We had a blast laughing and picking on each other - and eating WAY too much food. (Ruth is showing us how tired she is after making ALL THAT FOOD . . . now ask her how much of it she actually made . . .)

We were all hoping that Christopher and Jennifer were going to get that tax deduction for 2007 - but alas, it was not to be. The little girl was not ready for all the hype and paparazzi that might come with being the New Year's Baby.

And speaking of babies . . . here is one gratuitous Baby Gracie picture showing how tired she was from all the partying.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Ruth said...

Holy Cow, I look pregnant in that picture! :) Love the updated blog. Now I need to blog more. There I am, being competitive again!

Don Crane said...

Loved the Pictures....sorry we missed it. Thanks for sharing.