Monday, May 12, 2008

Adoption Day/Mother's Day Fun

I think it is pretty cool that the anniversary of the children's adoption always comes close to Mother's Day. It makes it twice as special.

This weekend, we decided to celebrate our "family birthday" in an extra special way. When the kids got off the school bus, we piled in the van and took off for the weekend.

On the northside of Indianapolis, there is a Holiday Inn with a waterpark inside it. We had heard some great reviews about it and thought it would be a great place to go for a night and have fun together as a family. From the pictures below - you can see that a fun time was had by all . . .

Here they are squirting each other with water.

Here is HunkaHubby after going down the water slide in a tube.
(I even did it! It was great fun! But no one had a camera when I did it . . . heh)

Here are the three bathing beauties.

My youngest looking in fear at HunkaHubby who decided to keep the pizza to himself.
(Not really).

The next day, we took the children to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. We have a membership and we fully intend to use it!

Having fun outside with the children's statues.

The coolest part of the Children's Museum was they just opened a new exhibit dedicated entirely to comic books. HunkaHubby's inner geek came out and cried tears of joy. It was really cool - and is very close to turning me into a comic book geek as well.

I'm not sure what they're looking at . . . but it must be interesting . . .

It was a great weekend and we were all happily exhausted when we returned home Saturday night. I haven't uploaded my Mother's Day pictures yet - so my goal is to post those pictures tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you have a great week!!

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Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

Jealousy! I have so much jealousy. I want to see that stuff at the museum. I also want to take the Baby to the zoo really bad. Not going to happen though.