Monday, May 5, 2008

Daddy Humor #1

My Dad has a great sense of humor . . . a little twisted sometimes, but he taught me how to use my sense of humor to get through the rough times. I often say that if I wasn't able to laugh - I wouldn't be able to live. I've spoken before about how I am Daddy's little girl, and how much my Dad means to me.

I often share funny stories of my Dad with people I work with, and they love hearing about my Dad and the pranks he's pulled and the stories he tells. And today, I thought . . . hmmmm . . . that would be a great thing to share on my blog!

So here is Daddy Humor Story #1:

My Dad loves to pull pranks. He loves to laugh. When I was little, he was really good at "getting me" by preying on my gullibility and asking me questions such as "Who is buried in Grant's tomb?" I was probably 16 before I finally was able to answer correctly with "Grant". Duh.

He also liked to scare me. His favorite thing when I was an adolescent was to say we were going to the store and then run outside. I would panic because I knew that somewhere between where I was standing and the car in the garage, Dad was waiting to jump out of the dark and say "Boo" so I would scream. It was a favorite game of his. One time, he got frustrated waiting for me in the car, and then cracked up when he realized I was peeking around every corner looking to see where he was hiding.

I never knew what he was going to come up with next . . .

Well - he had 2 great chances to prey on my gullible nature and also scare the pee out of me when my husband proposed to me and then when we got married several months later. I will share the engagement story first and the wedding story later . . .

As I've said before, Hunkahubby and I had a whirlwind romance. We met in March, were engaged in June, and got married in August. My family didn't really get a chance to know Hunkahubby a whole lot before we were married - and he didn't get a chance to know my family either (probably a good thing - he might have changed his mind!!) So needless to say, he was a little nervous when we went to Dad's house so he could ask Dad's permission to marry me.

Dad was pretty calm about the whole thing, and kind of surprised I think, that Hunkahubby was asking his permission. He said it was fine if he really wanted to marry me (I think he may have also asked if Hunkahubby was 'right in the head', thanks for the support DAD!). And then he turned to me and said, "Now that you're going to be getting married, there is something I need to tell you."

My heart started pounding, I had absolutely no idea what he was going to say. Was he dying? Was there some huge family fortune he was waiting until I was married to share with me . . . (HAHAHAHA, no I never thought that . . . I knew we didn't have any money!)

His next words actually made my heart stop for a few seconds. "I'm not really your father." Mind you - he said this with a completely dead serious expression on his face.

What? This isn't funny Dad. What?!

"Well, you see . . ." he goes on . . . his cheek starting to twitch just a little bit (I know to look for this sign, now that I'm older . . . I never caught on to it when I was younger), "9 months before you were born . . . your mother . . . [wait for it]. . . was abducted by aliens."

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or punch him. I think I may have done all 3, now that I think about it.

My soon-to-be husband got a HUGE kick out of it and deemed my father his HERO from then on.

I knew then that I was doomed.

Stay tuned, for Part 2 of this Daddy Humor, Daughter Mortification Story . . .


Memaw's memories said...

How absolutely hilarious. I love your dad. In fact, we may be related. I have that same warped sense of humor.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

He is WARPED! lmbo That was funny.