Thursday, May 1, 2008

Office Cat

I just realized that I have not introduced everyone to the newest furry child in my life:

This is Lily. Isn't she beautiful?

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking . . ."Are you NUTS? You already have FIVE CATS. Why do you need another one?"

Well, here is the story. A lady in our neighborhood posted a message (w/photo of course) of a cat she had taken in from a lady who had to find a home for her because of allergies. Unfortunately my neighbor lady already had several pets - including a couple of dogs who were none too fond of this new addition to their household. The poor kitty was perched on a towel on top of the dryer and very rarely came down because of the dogs. She looked so sad sitting on top of that dryer . . .

I spoke to one of the guys I work for and said, "Don't you think we need an office kitty?" He said I should bring her in for a "Date" to see how she did and how we all got along. So I went to meet the kitty and fell in love at first site. I had to talk to Hunkahubby to determine what we would do if things didn't go over well at the office - and he (of course, because he loves me) said if things didn't work out, we could keep her. :-)

Luckily, though - she is an AWESOME office cat. She sleeps under my desk.

She talks to us and she PURRRRRSSS. Even office visitors who admit to not being fond of cats, have fallen in love with Lily. I believe she was meant to be our cat. :-)

Here she is at a meeting:

And here she is after having a romp with her mouse.

Let me tell, you it is very relaxing to have a cat in the office when you are stressed! I think she is a calming influence for all of us . . .


But it's worth it . . .

Have any of you ever had an office pet? What are your experiences?


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

It sounds like a great idea. I hope it continues to work out!

Memaw's memories said...

Where do you work that you are allowed to have an office pet? I worked for American Greetings in Osceola, and we adopted a dog that begged scraps from lunch pails, but he never got in the building.

Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

THATS AWESOME! She went to the meeting. Did she have any interesting input? I think Bubba would work well in an office enviroment. But he likes saving people and all that, slaying vampires is a full time gig.