Monday, May 19, 2008

Cherished Childhood Memories

A co-worker and I were discussing fun things from our childhood. I thought this would be another thing to share on my blog.

Several fun things from my childhood involved . . . money . . . not necessarily the money itself - because I have no remembrance of what I spent it on - but rather how I obtained the money.

We used to have an old brass lamp with a 'secret compartment' of sorts, contained in a decorative finial type of thing. (Hunkahubby will be so ashamed when he learns how little I know about decorative terminology.) My Dad used to hide money in it. We always knew that the rule was 'finders keepers.' Sometimes we would find change in there and sometimes we would find $20. It was always fun to look in the lamp to see if there was anything hiding in it. One memory is Dad telling us that we would be so sorry we hadn't checked the lamp lately - because there had been a $100 bill inside for several months and no one had found it. Dad got to keep it. :-(

We also had fun tipping over his recliner and watching all the change fall out. My brother often did this when he needed gas money.

Dad also liked to hide money places when my brother and I went to college. About the time we thought we were going to starve - we would find a twenty dollar bill hidden in the mini blinds or wrapped around the toilet paper holder.

The thrill of the hunt was always so much better than the reward.

What fun things do you remember from your childhood?


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

You couldn't tip over a recliner for gas money right now!

Tony and Rett said...

I remember starting Dec. 1, getting a hint every day for one of my Christmas presents. And boy, could my mom give hints! They were always things like, "It never stands still..." etc. when she was describing a watch.

She also always put notes in my lunch! That was special!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!