Friday, February 1, 2008

New Month - New Start . . .

Yes, I did pretty well at the 'posting every day thing' until the past week. Things got busy for me and I couldn't get out of bed early enough or was too tired in the evenings to post anything worth posting.

Since today is February 1st, I've decided to jump right back on the bicycle and try again. I had a long list of resolutions, and although I haven't fallen completely off - I need to put some umph back into my willpower.

So - I found a really good article about getting out of bed in the mornings WITHOUT caffeine. Check it out here.

I especially appreciated the third tip on this list, "The 10-Minute Rule. If you want to stick with a consistent wake-up time, practice the ten-minute rule. This means you commit to staying awake for at least the next ten minutes. Once you get over that initial period, the temptation to go back to bed is usually gone." I think that seems to be true with a lot of things.

When my husband FINALLY quit smoking after many many years - he learned that most cravings will go away after 3 minutes . . . so if he could find something else to focus on during that craving, he could make it. And he did. (I'm so proud of him . . . it's been TWO YEARS!!)

So that is my newest goal. When I crave BAD food, I will focus on something else until the craving subsides. When I want to get back into bed and sleep all day, I'll turn on all the lights and BLOG. :-)

Happy February!


Barry Pike said...

This reminds me...I need to go make another pot of coffee.

Now, what were you saying?

Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

Caffine is bad mmmkay. LOL. No I drink more of it than I should. But I would rather not have headaches that happen if I steer away.

I'm glad you are back to blogging. I was missing reading your posts.

Ruth said...

Great advice! I think I'll try the 10 minute rule on my diet...