Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why do YOU celebrate Valentine's Day?

The History channel website has an informative piece on the subject of Valentine's Day and it's origins. I read through it and I'm not really sure which story I buy into. I just know that it is nice to have a holiday that is entirely dedicated to LOVE.

That being said, I do feel that it has been commercialized a little too much. I mean - my kids have to give Valentines to everyone in their class - so by the time they are old enough to actually HAVE a real Valentine - the gesture will most likely have lost some of it's magic.

"According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making Valentine's Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. (An estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas.)" (from History)

Wow - one billion Valentine cards. That is a lot. That's a lot of love.

But do you see it?

When you look around - do you see a billion Valentine cards worth of love?

I'm sure that if you focus on the violence and the apathy and the negative things going on today - you won't be able to see that much love.

However, today - I am choosing to focus on the love that I do see:

The old couple holding hands as they walk down the sidewalk . . .

The man who pulls over to help a stranded person on the side of the road . . .

The unconditional loving smile of a child . . .

and a Grace that forgives even when we feel unforgiveable . . .

And of course . . . fuzzy kitties loving on each other . . .

So I am choosing to delight in the love that I see this day. By trying to make someone's day brighter, by smiling at the cranky salesperson at Wal-mart, and by giving my husband tons and tons of Valentine's kisses.

How are YOU going to celebrate this day of love?

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Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

I made Sammy 3 cards out of construction paper. One was from the baby.