Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay - so this headline caused me to have a little bit of heart palpitations (almost as much as when I drink too many mochas from Starbucks . . .)

Luckily - it is just a marketing ploy and a closing that will only last a few hours.

Check out the story here . . .

I guess Starbucks is training their staff to better the "Starbucks experience" due to competition from places like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's who are now offering "premium coffee" at cheaper prices.

I happen to believe that Starbucks is a lot about the atmosphere. I am not a big coffee drinker, but for some reason, I LOVE Starbucks coffee. Maybe they slip an extra addictive ingredient in it, I'm not sure. (or maybe its just the regular addictive ingredients . . . like sugar . . . and caffeine . . .)

Yes, Starbucks is expensive. And in an economic downturn - many people are likely trying to give up their Starbucks habit. I even found a blog post to help you do just that.
So . . . . tell me . . . are you addicted to Starbucks? Will you be wooed away from Starbucks by other restaurants? Will you have the jitters knowing the store is closed for a few hours, even if you know it is going to re-open a few hours later? OR do you hate Starbucks and everything it stands for??


Barry Pike said...

..."addicted to Starbucks"...you say that like it's a bad thing.

But, honestly, though I am gleefully addicted to good coffee, it does not have to be Starbucks. In fact, I really prefer a more homegrown, less corporate type of coffee shop. I am still grieving over the closing of Sacred Grounds here in Richmond. But the other remaining shops in our area have one problem...the coffee is not very good.

And, although the coffee is good, the Starbucks in Richmond is not that great either. The service is fine, etc., but the place itself is too cramped and crowded and lacks a good, friendly, cozy-up-to-the-warmth-of-our-WIFI feel that a good coffee shop should have.

They need a bigger building, an extra room or two, maybe a fireplace, and, and, uhm, free puppies for the first 1000 people that come in. Yeah, that's it!

Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

I just think it is funny that so many people paniked over a 3 hour closing. They are opening back up...its alright. The coffee will still be there in 3 hours. Probably the same stuff they had out before. LOL

I had no idea sacred grounds closed. They had good milky shake things. Aw I am sad.

Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

Also...I am reminded of Tweek's Dad and the Underpants Gnomes.
"Step One: Steal the underpants."
"Step Two:......."
"Step Three: Profit!"