Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PSA - Update

Yes, as Allison pointed out . . . the flu shot does not help against the Type A Influenza that is going around. I heard that several times yesterday. However, they are saying that it is still better than not having a flu shot at all, because it can still help the symptoms somewhat.

I also learned that if you get a prescription for Tamiflu when the first symptoms show up (or when you know you've been exposed) then that can help as well. So we are doing that for our younger two children, as soon as Wal-mart gets some in stock again!

I am not looking forward to all this sickness. So far, my 7 year old seems to be bouncing back a little bit and her fever is subsiding.

But - it snowed enough to actually cover things last night - so at least we have something pretty to look at while being at home, yes?

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Tony and Rett said...

UUGH,'s going around here at school too! I hope my kiddos don't get it!!