Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on Christian vs. Christ follower

I had to post an update after my friend Barry commented on the videos I posted earlier today. I also believe you have to be careful about 'mocking' people who DO wear the 3-piece suit to church. I have no problem with people who dress up to go to church.

I have no problem with people who wear Christian t-shirts, cross necklaces, or have 400 Christian bumper stickers on their car.

What I do have a problem with is the people who have all the trappings, but don't have a relationship to go along with it. They can quote you Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation . . . but they don't know what the words mean.

God doesn't want our STUFF - he wants US. Sure, I could wear a Christian t-shirt, WWJD bracelets, a cross necklace and drive my minivan with Jesus is my co-pilot bumper sticker and not have any clue about the Grace of God. (And what bothers me most is when one of the people who obviously wants everyone to know they are a Christian, flips someone off who cuts them off in traffic, or is rude to a service worker in a restaurant or store - giving that person a very bad opinion of 'Christians'.)

People should know we are Christians by how we act and how we love. Not just how we love non-Christians, but also how we love each other. But we shouldn't love one MORE than the other. If a non-Christian walked into a church in a 3-piece suit and a Christian walked in wearing a tie-dye shirt, ripped jeans and no shoes . . . would you treat them differently, not knowing anything about their relationship with Christ?

My point is -- no human KNOWS another person's heart . . . which is why we should "Love one another." Not - love other Christians. Not - love the sinners. Love one another. Period. And if we worship Jesus while listening to U2 or Tommy Walker . . . it's still worshiping Jesus.

All of that being said . . . I do agree with Barry on his point about getting hung up on the terms "Christian" and "Christ-follower". Using a different term isn't going to change how people perceive things. I was a little disturbed by the end of each video that showed the "Christian No More" logo. Mostly because - doesn't the word Christian essentially mean Christ-follower anyway?

Okay, my rant is over. Thanks Barry for such great talking points!!

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