Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Dark Side of Parenting

People always post pictures of their smiling and happy children, making us all believe that their lives are full of sunshine and rainbows. But you know what? Kids aren't always happy. They aren't always smiling. And sometimes parents just want to throw in the towel, curl up in a ball, and cry for their own parents. (or at least be tempted to drink themselves under the table . . . even when they don't drink!)

The two pictures below represent 'one of those days' for both kids and parents. The first is my oldest, having one of her meltdowns where she screams loud enough for the whole world to hear that no one loves her and that she is going to run away.

Even though I know that my childrens' emotional outbursts are magnified due to their not-so-ideal first years of life - I'm learning that a meltdown such as this is pretty normal for a girl this age, just not necessarily as long-lasting or LOUD. But what is it going to be like when she is 13?? (My husband is already threatening to live in a tent once a month after they've both hit puberty . . .)

And here we have my BEAUTIFUL youngest daughter in the midst of not getting what she wants. Oh, the joy of it all. Who could ever have imagined that the girls above were the VERY SAME girls that you see smiling below . . .

(Some day they will plan their revenge on me for this post.)

How do you handle meltdowns at your house??


Memaw's memories said...

I wish I had a magic answer to the meltdowns you are experiencing, but the thing I found is that all children are different.

I don't think I was a great mother so you really don't want to use any of my parenting skills.

I do remember yelling, and looking back that didn't work well for me. And I absolutely hate hearing anyone yelling at their kids now, so I think I can safely say don't use that.

As to what to use, love them to death and try not to lose your patience. Oh, and don't tell them they are driving you crazy. Someone might put them up to saying it's a short short trip. Good luck!

Beneath the Shadowed Trees said...

I know exactly what you mean. Even at 8 weeks, he can still throw a hissy.