Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lifelong dreams

When I was in Kindergarten, I LOOOVED school. I decided then and there (probably that very first day,)I would someday be a teacher. Because I come from a family of storytellers, poets, and songwriters - learning has always been a creative and fun experience for me (except for Algebra, I can't get those years back!)

After high school, I went to college with big dreams of being a music educator - until I saw all the other people in the music field and how well they DIDN'T treat each other. I didn't think I was egotistical enough to make it in that field. (Granted, I know MANY good music educators who do NOT fit this mold . . . but I don't think they were in school the same time I was!)

I decided to switch to Elementary Education. I was very excited about that -- until the first lab class where we had to teach a small group of fourth graders. Those kids TERRIFIED me. I couldn't believe how they treated their teacher, me, and each other. I was very disillusioned. I eventually dropped out of college and went back home.

After a few years of growing up and getting an education from the world - I went back and finished my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities. Now, here is the problem . . . what do I do with that???

I'm sharing a video here (fan-made on YouTube by vinzbee) from the hit broadway musical Avenue Q that talks about this situation in a hysterical way. (the rest of the songs are hysterical too, if you have a sick sense of humor, like I do.)

I'm not the only one who found out that having a BA in Liberal Arts doesn't help in the job search - and why I decided to get a Masters in Business Communications!

So the point of this post is that I finally get to live my lifelong dream and teach some online classes in the fall. I am very excited and scared all at the same time.

What lifelong dream have you fulfilled? What dreams do you still want to accomplish?

I hope you are having a great Wednesday!

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Memaw's memories said...

My lifelong dream was to attend college and graduate. My dad pushed education. He didn't have one, but intended his children to. My younger brother has his PHD in Worship music, and I have a BA in programming. I didn't get to start to college unitl I was 41.

My next dream is to see all my grandchildren grown, on their own, and happy.