Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kitchen Tips

Anyone who has known me most of my life knows that I used to be pretty USELESS in the kitchen. I used to be pretty proficient at making boxed macaroni and cheese . . . and that was about it!

Well, during my working at home stint last year - I got really in to baking, and had a lot of fun trying new recipes and attempting to make things the way my Grandma did.

Now that I am making a healthy change in my life, I've gotten excited about making things that are delicious but HEALTHY. It is really pretty fun - and a challenge at the same time.

Anyway - one of my favorite bloggers/cheerleaders, Mizfit, pointed me toward this really informative post of kitchen tips and I thought you might benefit from reading it as well. I know I did - I need all the help I can get!!

The post is entitled:
50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen.

It includes some really helpful ideas including:

  • What do you do if you over-salt a pot of soup?
  • How do you clean cast iron?
  • How do you keep bananas fresh longer?
  • How do I reduce the crying factor when chopping onions??

Check it out and have a great Saturday!

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MizFit said...

um, OK.
do I NEED to get on twitter?

Ive been avoiding it fearing Id get even LESS WORK DONE :)

happy kitchening.