Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dragging your children through your childhood memories

When we become parents, there is this need within us to share the things with our children that we loved as a kid (whether it be a Lite Brite, a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, or a special treat of cinnamon/sugar toast that Grandma used to make.)

This weekend, when we went on our mini-vacation - I took my kids with me on a trip down memory lane (and most of it was unintentional!)

When I was 5, my family went on our first vacation. We went to Southern Indiana and visited Spring Mill State Park, The Gus Grissom Memorial, and Santa Claus Land (now called Holiday World). We may have visited a few other places as well - but I don't quite remember.

Our family has gone to Holiday World almost every summer and we love it. This year, we decided to take the 'scenic route' back home and due to all the flooding Indiana has had - we had to take a major detour. Wouldn't you know that our little detour landed us in Mitchell, Indiana - the home of Spring Mill State Park and the Gus Grissom Memorial. So I got to share a part of my childhood with my children.

This is the one picture I have from that first vacation. We were in a hotel room playing Mad Libs (remember those?)

Here is the Spring Mill Inn in Spring Mill State Park. When we got there, I didn't recognize it. At all. I called my Dad later that day to find out if we'd actually stayed there. He couldn't remember either - but he did remember eating at the restaurant they had there.

I mostly remember the souvenir coin purse I had with a picture of the inn on the front.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the kids to see the Gus Grissom Memorial - partly because I'm a closet history buff, and partly because I knew my son would LOVE anything to do with astronauts.

This is the Molly Brown. I get claustrophobic just thinking about cramming myself in that thing!

At the memorial, we got to watch a short film about the life of Gus Grissom, his final mission, and its effect on our space program today. After the film was over - I asked my son what he thought. (I wish I would've gotten a picture of his face DURING the film, he was in awe.) He said, "I thought it was pretty cool, except for the part where three people died." I agree.

When speaking to my Dad - we both had the same memory of Santa Claus Land. It was expensive. I remember wanting so badly to ride on these bumper boat things - but Dad remembers the line being so long, that I didn't get to. However, my kids were luckier and got to live out my 5 year old dream.

This is the one thing that looks exactly like I remember it.

And finally, what is a trip to Santa Claus Land (Holiday World) without meeting Santa?

A good time was had by all, and I'm already trying to figure out what memory I will drag them through next!

Happy Wednesday! We're half-way to Friday!


Sage said...

Sounds like a fun time! I have wanted to take my kids back to my childhood home, but because we traveled with the military for 20 years, we weren't around home very often. Now I want to take the kids and the grandkids to my childhood home. Only now it's so many people to coordinate to do anything! Glad you got to do it while they are young. God bless your day.


Liz said...

How fun! And I totally forgot about Lite Brite until just now! Great blog.