Friday, June 20, 2008

Who needs coffee?

Several months ago, when I was working mostly out of my home - I often met my colleagues for coffee at Starbucks. It was usually pretty quiet and it was a nice atmosphere to have a small meeting. I am not a big coffee person, but will partake of a mocha every now and then when I really need some caffeine. Usually - just get hot chocolate. I LOVE Starbucks hot chocolate. It's like they took a big delicious candy bar and just melted it in a cup. MMMMMMMM.

I digress.

One of my colleagues, Kevin, shares my love of Starbucks Hot Chocolate. But even more than that - he LOVES the whipped cream. On one occasion of meeting in Starbucks he told me that one day he was just going to go to Starbucks and order a Venti (the largest size) whipped cream . . . with whipped cream on top! We always laughed about this.

Well last week, our IT guy, Scott, called me on his way to the office to see if we needed anything. It was one of those mornings - and so I asked him if it would be out of his way to stop at Starbucks and get me some coffee. He is not a big coffee drinker. He likes iced tea (in fact, I think he has a problem - and needs to seek help over his iced tea addiction.) So he told me to give him specific instructions on what I wanted, because he doesn't know the coffee lingo.

Because I am trying to eat healthier, I asked him to get me a tall (the smallest size) nonfat mocha. I didn't want to get the whipped cream, but didn't want to make my order so long he might forget. So I didn't mention the 'no whip' that I would usually tack on the end.

Well, of course - he got to the window, he ordered my drink and they asked him if he wanted whip. He didn't know. And he told them he didn't know and didn't want to mess up my drink. So do you know what they did?

They did this.

Yep - they did. They put the Whipped cream in a separate cup. Just in case.

When I saw it, I started cracking up. I grabbed the cup of cream and ran into Kevin's office saying, "You won't believe what I got for you!" It wasn't a Venti whipped cream, but it was a Starbucks cup of whipped cream!

We laughed all morning. He had finally got his wish.

How about you? Do you have a coffee addiction? A tea addiction? An incredible urge to order a Venti Whipped Cream?

Happy Friday!!!


Sage said...

Who needs coffee" MR

Do you have a coffee addiction: YES

Plain and simple, I love GOOD coffee. I don't like what I call "Lutheran lady church basement coffee", the weak dishwater looking coffee that they serve at Bible Study on Sunday morning; I don't like my sister-in-law's equally weak coffee; I like good, fresh, strong coffee.

When I stop at Dunn Bros. for my coffee, I usually order a venti Americano, which is nice and strong. Add a little cream, and instant caffeine heaven!

Blessings on your coffee-free day!

Sage said...

That is supposed to say:
Who needs coffee: ME!

Wish there was a correct-it button for commenters!

Carla said...

Oh yeah, I'm addicted to coffee. But I like mine black, no sugar. I've never been to Starbucks.

Thanks for your comment on my kitty post. I noticed that you have five cats also. Have a good weekend!

Liz said...

This really hit home. They just put in a Starbucks close to where I work. Seriously, I can walk there now. This does NOT bode well for our budget. :)